Domain Name Services

What is it?

Domain names are like a home’s street address, but for a website instead of a house — it’s how visitors find your website or email address. A domain name is the basis of your online identity. It’s how people remember and revisit your site.

You might not be familiar with the term “domain name” but trust us, you’ve seen them everywhere. A domain name is a unique address that represents a website or Internet location. They are located after the www. in an address bar or after the @ symbol in an email address. The examples below represent a domain name: and

Getting a domain name

Every domain name is unique, which is why you can’t simply create a domain name and call it your own — you have to register it. To make sure that every domain name is unique, the Internet has to stay organized, and that’s where we come into the mix. There are three different roles in the domain name registration process: the registry, registrar and registrant.

Let’s break down each role so you know which is which:

Registry: When a domain name is registered, it is managed by a large database full of other domain names called a registry. The registry delegates restrictions and maintains each domain name’s information.

Registrars: Domain registrars, like us, work directly with domain name registries. They are the middle man that separates you from the registry. Registrars make domain name registration and management possible.

Registrant: Last but not least is the registrant. That’s you — the individual registering a domain name.

How we do it:

We meet with you to discuss a website name that works with the vision of your business. We discuss domain email names, making it possible for clients to reach you from your website easily. Already have a domain email or DNS? No problem, we also facilitate domain transfers if needed.

Once a website name is chosen, we register your DNS (Domain name) and domain emails. We also set up security services to prevent fraud, hacking and other unwanted activity. We currently use 1and1 and godaddy servers to register your website. If you need an alternative, we also use namecheap or tvmserver domain providers.

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